Bingo Promotions Explained

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When you’re playing bingo online, part of the fun is to claim a bunch of bingo promotions that you can use for additional boosts. Whether you’re claiming deposit specials or entering a prize draw, this guide will have you covered on what to expect.

Our Go-To Sites for the Best Promos

To kick this guide off with a bang, let’s look at the best places to claim these promotions:

Lucky Cow Bingo – Help yourself to a whole load of promotions from this site, from prize draws to massive jackpot games. They have it all!

WTG Bingo – This 15 Network bingo site has a heap of networked and standalone offers, no matter which kinds are your favourite.

Big Tease Bingo – If you’re looking for high quality draws and sociable team games, then you can’t go wrong with this bingo site.

mFortune Bingo – Snap up loyalty gifts, social media prizes and more from this fab mobile bingo site. Claim a free £5 too.

As ever, use caution and read the terms and conditions of a site before you play.

All or Nothing Game Promos

Many bingo games choose to share out prizes between players and even offer consolation gifts. In all or nothing game promos, you’ll find that one player gets the big prize while the rest lose out. This may mean you have less chance of winning, but if you get the prize you’ll get a lot more.

Bingo Codes

Bingo codes work in a similar way to the codes that you get for online shopping. Just enter the code at the cashier and you will be able to claim bonuses, free spins or even entries into other promotions. It’s important that you enter it properly to get the bonus, so watch your spelling! Some sites will also text, email or post you out codes that you can use on the site. It’s all just a way to remind you to deposit, but if you get something extra for it then what’s not to love?

Chat Game Promos

You may think that the chat box on a bingo site is just for gossip, but you can actually play games here too. These can be quizzes or games that rely on you answering quickly to win. Generally, the prizes for these are quite small, some loyalty points or a few spins are common. Games that run alongside a bingo game are great ways to have some additional fun without breaking the bank.

Jackpot Game Promos

If you’re wanting to win a bit more from your time online, then you could always take part in some bingo jackpots. These can be big events on a site, as roomies look forward to snapping up their tickets and winning some big bucks. Jackpots can come in many forms, from sliding ones to guaranteed ones.

Leaderboard Challenges

For those that like to get competitive, there are leaderboard challenges that take place on various games on different sites. These allow you to make your way to the top of the pack by playing a game a set amount of times or winning more than any other player.

Linked Network Promos

Not every promotion is unique to a site, as they can be linked to others on the same network. This can mean that you’re playing for much larger prizes, but you will have a lesser chance of coming out victorious. While there’s nothing wrong with these kinds of promos, we like a mix of exclusives in there too to make sure there’s enough to play on.

Prize Draws and Raffles

Most roomies will be accustomed to these promos, as they’re really pretty common. All you have to do is complete an action, like playing on a certain game or within a time period. Then, you’ll get an entry and you can complete the action more times for more entries. The prize is then drawn and a few players will be triumphant.

Roomie of the Week/Month

If you’re active on a site and take part in chat games often, then you might just be selected as roomie of the week or month. This usually comes with a bonus or perk, like funds or loyalty points. It’s a nice way to get an added thank you from a site for being a regular player. You have to be active and noticeable on a site to have a shot to get one of these prizes, it’s almost like being a celeb on a site!

Slot of the Week

When a new slot game comes along, or perhaps an older one becomes seasonal, you may find that a site encourages you to play it with one of these promotions. By playing in the slot of the week, you may get some free spins or cashback on your losses. These rotate to keep things interesting and to encourage players to try out new things.

Social Media Promos

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to connect with your favourite bingo sites and these may even deliver you some additional perks too. Many brands choose to run exclusive competitions and offers on their social media that you can’t find anywhere else. Not all brands that have these pages set up are actually active on them, so you might find you follow them but don’t get much back from it.


Finally, we come to bingo tournaments, which are another style of competitive bingo gameplay. They can be a solo experience or one that you take part in as a team, the main point is to climb through the ranks as quickly as possible, by winning points and scoring wins. Then, the prizes are shared out at the end of the time period, they could be anything from loyalty points to real prizes.

These are just a few of the common promotions out there, though there’s always room for more innovation on a site. As time goes on, we’re seeing more sites pushing the envelope to create their own unique promotions for players to take part in.

Lucky Cow BingoUp to 520 Free Spins at Lucky Cow Bingo!